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Part I (1) – Preliminary
Section 1: Short title
Section 2: Interpretation

Part II (2) – Establishment of District Courts

Section 3: Power to divide Northern Nigeria into districts
Section 4: Establishment of District Courts
Section 5: Jurisdiction of District Courts
Section 6: Two or more District Judges in district

Part III (3) – Officers of the Court

Section 7: Appointment of District Judges
Section 8: Territorial jurisdiction of District Judges
Section 9: Duties of a Senior District Judge
Section 10: Procedure when District Judge personally interested in case
                      before him
Section 11: Control of Registrar
Section 12: Duties of Registrar
Part IV (4) – Jurisdiction of the Courts

Section 13: Jurisdiction of Senior District Judge
Section 14: Jurisdiction of District Judges of the first, second and third
Section 15: Jurisdiction of District Judge where there is set-off
Section 16: Special jurisdiction in certain cases
Section 17: Power of Governor to increase jurisdiction of District Judge
Section 18: General powers of District Judge
Section 19: Acts of District Judge not affected by error as to venue
Section 20: District Judge to have process of High Court executed
Section 21: Proceedings by or against officer of the court
Section 22: Administration of oaths

Laws to be administered
Section 23: Application of English law
Section 24: Law and equity to be concurrently administered, but equity to
                   prevail in certain cases
Section 25: Application of native laws and customs

Section 26: Courts to promote reconciliation
Section 27: Pending civil cases

Credit to Natives
Section 28: Credit to natives

Power to transfer
Section 29: Transfer between District Judges in same district
Section 30: District Judge may refer causes for transfer
Section 31: Transfer to native court
Section 32: Restriction on transfer
Section 33: Transfer of cause by Judge of the High Court
Section 34: Effect of order of transfer
Section 35: No appeal from order of transfer

Part V (5) – Sittings of the Court

Section 36: Fixing of times and places for sittings of courts action
Section 37: Adjournment of the Court
Section 38: Adjournment over Sunday or holiday
Section 39: Change of place of hearing

Section 40: Venue

Part VI (6) – Practice and procedure of the Court

Section 41: Practice and procedure
Section 42: Case of second action for same cause
Section 43: Completion by District Judge of process begun by
Section 44: Process of District Judge valid
Section 45: Issue of process
Section 46: Inspection

Determination by District Judge

Section 47: District Judge to be sole Judge

Recording of proceedings

Section 48: District Judge to keep notes of evidence and minutes of
Section 49: Examination of witnesses


Section 50: Powers of District Judge to refer to arbitration
Section 51: Powers of District Judge to refer to referee


Section 52: Service of summons to witnesses
Section 53: Forfeiture for neglecting witness summons
Section 54: Evidence of prisoners

Absconding Defendant

Section 55: Apprehension of absconding Defendant and procedure
Section 56: Defendant may be freed by nearest District Judge if arrested
                   outside jurisdiction

Interim attachment of property

Section 57: Interim attachment of property

Section 58: Addresses

Giving of judgment

Section 59: Giving of judgment on conclusion of hearing
Section 60: Judgment in action for recovery of chattel
Section 61: What orders may be made
Section 62: Decree to be obeyed without demand
Section 63: Payment and suspension of judgments and orders
Section 64: Execution and power to stay execution

Finality of judgment

Section 65: Judgments how far final


Section 66: Apportionment and payment of costs

Setting aside of judgment and new trial

Section 67: Setting aside of judgment given in absence of party
Section 68: Relisting of causes struck out

Unclaimed money in Court

Section 69: Suitors’ money unclaimed for six years to be forfeited and go
                   to general revenue

Evidence of records of proceedings

Section 70: Entries of copies intended to be admissible as evidence

Part VII (7) - Appeals

Section 71: Right of appeal from decision and judgment of District Judge
Section 72: Appeal not to operate as stay of execution

Right of appeal

Section 73: Right of appeal
Section 74: Procedure on appeal from ex parte order

Procedure on appeal

Section 75: Civil appeals to be in accordance with rules

Hearing and judgment

Section 76: Mode of taking additional evidence
Section 77: Enforcing of judgment


Section 78: Reservation of question of law for opinion of High Court
Section 79: Power to make rules of Court

                          Part VIII (8) – Miscellaneous provisions

                                           Fees and costs

Section 80: Fees and costs
Section 81: By whom fees payable
Section 82: All fees and moneys received in Court to be subject to the
                     foregoing provisions
Section 83: Protection of Judicial officers
Section 84: Right of appearance of legal practitioners
Section 85: Representation of the State and Government departments
Section 86: Award of costs where public officer represented by law officer
Section 87: Representation of native authority
Section 88: Representation of first and second class chiefs
Section 89: Rules of Court
Section 90: Saving of pending proceedings
Section 91: Saving to causes transferred from native courts
Section 92: Savings as to part-heard causes
Section 93: Meaning of “part-heard”

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